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Find an installment loan in the free price comparison online. A free and non-binding loan comparison helps to find the right loan and enables financial freedom. An installment loan is a financial loan that is usually repaid in monthly installments at a fixed interest rate. For future borrowers, it is advisable to calculate and compare the terms and interest of various branch and direct banks before concluding the contract. In this way, a cheap installment loan can be realized quickly and easily.

Keep track of things with a credit comparison

Keep track of things with a credit comparison

Depositphotos Installment loans can be used for any purchase request . It does not matter whether a general personal loan or a special installment loan such as a car loan is required. The financial needs are as different as the providers themselves. It is not always easy to keep track of things here. An installment loan calculator can help. It compares numerous banking and credit institutions and thus allows a comprehensive market overview.

Find a cheap installment loan online

Find a cheap installment loan online

The effective annual interest rate plays a central role in the installment loan comparison. It shows the total annual cost of a loan. The most important selection criteria for loan amount and loan term can be freely chosen by consumers. Based on the credit information requested by the user, numerous branch and direct banks are compared in real time. If the user has chosen a loan provider, he can immediately apply for a loan online on the website of the respective provider.

Before concluding a loan contract, a comparison of installment loans is recommended. A favorable interest rate lowers the monthly loan rate and thus saves money in the long term. Simply calculate and compare the installment loan required.

Credit Amount: USD Loan term: 1 month 2 months 3 months 6 months 12 months 24 Months 36 months 48 months 60 months 72 months 84 months 96 months 108 months 120 months Usage: Free use New cars / used cars Furniture Modernization / renovation vacation PC / Multimedia credit repayment Balance current account   to compare

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Payday installments http://alizee-world.com//payday-installments/ http://alizee-world.com//payday-installments/#respond Sat, 09 Nov 2019 15:01:54 +0000 http://www.alizee-world.com/payday-installments/

Sometimes in life there are situations that we need a quick injection of cash. Loss of job, unforeseen renovation or unfortunate accident are just a few of the possible events that will force us to find a way to obtain additional funds. You can then use the banking services.


But what about people who are not creditworthy?

But what about people who are not creditworthy?

They often decide on short-term loans. ,, chwilówki “. It is a good way in case of sudden, necessary events because to receive payday pay we do not have to apply for it as in the case of a bank loan. However, the solution has a price. Payday loans are definitely higher interest rates. In addition, the repayment term is also an obstacle to repayment. When deciding to take out this type of loan, we usually have to pay the money back together with interest within 30 days. Often, this is a period that does not allow people who have fallen into momentary financial trouble to solve all problems. They then decide to take another loan and may run into real financial trouble.


A better alternative for payday loans

A better alternative for payday loans

Fortunately, for some time now we have more and more often come across the offer of short-term loans with the possibility of splitting the debt into installments. Payday loans are definitely safer, and in many cases also a more favorable solution to a financial problem. The installment amount and the loan repayment length are set at the time of writing the contract. Thanks to this, the borrower can track his monthly revenues and expenses and then estimate which repayment terms will suit him. In addition, installment loans are cheaper in general due to slightly lower interest rates, which are also good against the background of the offer proposed by banks. At present, not only individuals but also companies can benefit from installment payments. It is a good way to raise funds for the development of an enterprise, especially at the beginning of its activity, when banks are not yet ready to grant loans.

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Holidays on credit – check if it’s worth it http://alizee-world.com//holidays-on-credit-check-if-its-worth-it/ http://alizee-world.com//holidays-on-credit-check-if-its-worth-it/#respond Tue, 05 Nov 2019 14:57:14 +0000 http://www.alizee-world.com/holidays-on-credit-check-if-its-worth-it/

After the holiday season, our funds are heavily depleted, and in some cases the household budget is very bad. Is it worth taking a loan holiday in such a situation?

Credit holidays seem to be a good solution for many consumers to repair their home budget. The problem, however, is the lack of understanding of the mechanisms of action of the so-called credit holidays. Many bank customers treat them as a temporary suspension of loan repayment. A large proportion of consumers believe that credit holidays involve exempting the debtor from paying several installments. When deciding on such suspension of repayment, it is worth checking what type of vacation we can count on – can we suspend the repayment of the entire installment or only its capital part. It is also worth realizing that in many banks, the same name may hide various activities that the borrower can do.


Holidays or grace?

Holidays or grace?

We can suspend repayment installments in two ways – by means of a grace period in repayment of capital and by means of credit holidays. A grace period in capital repayment occurs at the time the loan is taken and consists in suspending the repayment of principal installments for a specified number of months. In most banks, it is mandatory until all the loan has been paid out. Therefore, it will be used on the primary market or with a loan for house construction until the last installment is paid. It is only when the entire loan is released that we can start paying it back, and therefore, in addition to paying interest, also the borrowed capital. In banks that use such a grace period, it is not possible to start paying off the loan earlier, even if the borrower would like to take advantage of this option. In some banks, at the borrower’s request, an additional grace period may be applied to the repayment of capital also on the secondary market or on the primary market after the entire loan has been released. However, this type of solution can be used for a maximum of 6-12 months. A grace period should not be used if it is not really necessary. Deferring the loan repayment increases interest costs. In this way, our loan will become more expensive.


Vacation for loan repayments

Vacation for loan repayments

Borrowers who have been repaying their liabilities for several years may also benefit from suspension of repayment of part or all of the loan. In this case, such suspension is called credit holidays in banks, although the solutions used sometimes resemble a grace period that can be used when taking a loan. In the case of credit holidays, two solutions are possible – suspension of repayment of the entire installment or only the capital part. The first solution means that we don’t have to pay anything to the bank for a certain period of time, while in the event of capital suspension only interest is repaid. The possibility and principles of taking advantage of credit holidays are specified in the loan agreement or loan regulations. There we will find information after which time after the loan payment we can take the holidays (usually a minimum of 12 months from the loan disbursement), with what frequency we can suspend repayment installments and for how many months we can take the holidays. However, it is worth being aware that only those borrowers who pay repayments on time can suspend repayment. This is not a solution for people who are already overdue. In addition, in order not to pay the nearest installment, you must notify the bank about your desire to take advantage of credit holidays well in advance, most often it is at least 7-14 days before the installment payment date.


You have to pay for the holiday

You have to pay for the holiday

Both grace period and holiday credit are a good way to prevent temporary problems with closing your home budget. However, please note that no solution exempts us from paying your loan installments. Banks use two options to settle accounts receivable for the period in which we did not pay the installments. They can calculate the amount of installments that we have not repaid during the vacation or grace period, divide them into equal parts and add them to the remaining installments of the loan. In this case, the loan installments will increase. Another solution used by banks is to extend the loan repayment period. Credit holidays or a grace period may also involve an additional cost, which results from the need to draw up an annex to the existing contract and a change in the repayment schedule.


Think before you enlist

Think before you enlist

Credit holidays or a grace period should not be the primary way to save your home budget. If there are problems with the budget, and we have the possibility of another form of financial support, we should use it. The possibility of holidays or a grace period should be an emergency exit in the absence of financial liquidity. It should be borne in mind that repayment of the loan after the period of suspension of installments will be a greater effort, as the amount of installments or repayment date will increase. However, for people who are struggling with temporary problems, it is a convenient solution (e.g. no need to submit an application for another loan) and a real financial improvement (thanks to temporary exemption from fees). Let’s remember, however, to carefully analyze the conditions of granting a vacation from a loan or grace period, so that their results do not put our finances in bigger trouble.

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Prepare for interest rate increase – Private Loan http://alizee-world.com//prepare-for-interest-rate-increase-private-loan/ http://alizee-world.com//prepare-for-interest-rate-increase-private-loan/#respond Sat, 02 Nov 2019 11:37:06 +0000 http://www.alizee-world.com/prepare-for-interest-rate-increase-private-loan/

For four years (since October 2014) we have had a repo rate of 0% or lower. For the entire 20 months, the repo rate was as low as – 0.5%, it is historical. One of the reasons why we have had an extremely low policy rate during the past four years is that Sweden had extremely low inflation, which is, among other things, a sign that the economic wheels are rolling too slowly.

The Goodbank, which sets the repo rate / policy rate, thus wanted to boost the economy and inflation and today it has actually fallen above the Goodbank’s inflation target of 2%. In September, inflation was 2.5% , so now the Goodbank has warned that raising interest rates a bit cautious, either in December 2018 or February 2019. This came Governor to lead the meetings until in its monetary policy meeting October 23, 2018 , as they explained in a press release which was published today (November 2, 2018).

What does the interest rate increase mean?


The reason the Goodbank wants to raise the repo rate is because they want to prevent inflation from pulling away too much and so that the economy is not overheated. A higher repo rate means that the loan interest rates go up, which makes it more expensive to borrow, which in turn makes fewer borrowers money, and when fewer loans reduces consumption. Corporate loans are also becoming more expensive, which means that companies are taking it a bit calmer with new investments and the like. In addition, a higher policy rate makes it more profitable to save money as the savings rate is also increased. It also causes people to be tempted to save money instead of burning money, which dampens consumption and thus also inflation.

Well, the Goodbank, however, has emphasized that they will only raise the policy rate by 0.25 percentage points, which gives a policy rate of – 0.25%, to begin with. This means that we will still have a negative interest rate here in Sweden, so it will probably take time before the savings rates go up and before the loans become significantly more expensive. However, when it comes to sms loans and other fast loans , you can be quiet as they already have high interest rates and in addition there is an interest rate cap that prevents them from being so much more expensive. Probably the interest rate will not go up very much there, if at all.

This is how you prepare


Although it may take 6 months, up to a year before we get a repo rate that is at plus, it is not so stupid to already plan a little for the future and prepare for the rate hike. Therefore, at Stanley Kowalski, we will therefore give you a number of tips that will make you well prepared for future interest rate hikes.

  1. If you have a mortgage, it may be a good idea to tie up the loan if you haven’t already, but tie it in for at least two years as the interest rate will probably not go up that much in the near future. Today, there are many mortgage loans that have a fixed 2-year interest rate of about 2% and some have even lower rates. And there are many 5-year mortgage rates that are around 2.3%, which makes sense. It is difficult to say what a normal floating mortgage rate will look like in a few years, so you obviously cannot be sure if it pays to fix the interest rate or not.
  2. Start amortizing at a faster rate if you can. Whether you have a mortgage or a private loan with a variable interest rate, one thing is for sure: the interest rate will not be that much lower, but rather will go up next year, and then maybe even more the following year. This means that you will benefit from repaying your loans as soon as possible before interest rates go up.
  3. Once the interest rate starts to rise and the savings rate finally comes back, it is of course good to start saving money in a savings account. Then you, who do not like to invest money in stocks and funds, finally get a return on your savings.
  4. If you have long thought about buying something with a private loan, it may be time to do so now, before interest rates go up too much.

Focus on amortizing or saving?


As you saw in our tips, we thought it was good to both pay off their loans extra quickly and start saving money when the savings accounts finally get a savings rate to talk about again. But which one should focus most on? Amortize or save? It depends on.

Sometimes it may be better to start paying off your loans at the fastest possible rate instead of saving. For example, if you were to receive a savings rate of 1% and put aside 50,000 in a savings account, you will receive USD 500 in return, and you will also have to pay 30% in tax which means that you only earned USD 350 on your savings. If you have a mortgage that goes up by 1 percentage point over time and if you increase the interest rate by an additional USD 50,000, you earn USD 500 on it without incurring any tax, then you will instead have to deduct part of interest costs.

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Refinancing loan – what is it? | Transferring a loan to another bank http://alizee-world.com//refinancing-loan-what-is-it-transferring-a-loan-to-another-bank/ http://alizee-world.com//refinancing-loan-what-is-it-transferring-a-loan-to-another-bank/#respond Thu, 31 Oct 2019 13:19:04 +0000 http://www.alizee-world.com/refinancing-loan-what-is-it-transferring-a-loan-to-another-bank/

When signing the loan agreement, the bank’s clients are convinced that they will be able to pay back the given liability. However, sometimes it turns out that the loan installment is too high and, unfortunately, what we were sure is not so simple and repayment becomes a problem. In this case, it is worth looking around refinancing your loan.


Refinancing loan – what is that?

Refinancing loan - what is that?

A refinancing loan is a type of bank loan for repayment of previously drawn loans. It provides more favorable repayment terms, such as installment or interest rate, than in the previous commitment. This is a good solution for borrowers who want to reduce the burden of obligations already incurred.

A refinancing loan is often confused with a consolidation loan. However, these are two different loans.

A consolidation loan is most often used to combine its liabilities – various types of loans – into one liability with a lower monthly load than the total resulting from many previous debts.

On the other hand, a refinancing loan is a solution that allows you to transfer liabilities from one financial institution to another, which offers better repayment terms.


How to choose a refinancing loan

How to choose a refinancing loan

The refinancing loan is primarily for people with a mortgage. However, before we decide to change it is worth first to calmly analyze the current loan agreement and compare it with other offers.

First of all, one should compare the margins of financial institutions and various types of commissions. These are components of the loan price that are negotiable. Even if the terms of the contract were competitive at the time the contract was signed, this does not mean that no better proposals may appear within a few years.

The basic selection criterion should be a reduction in the monthly loan installment. Mortgages have been taken for many years, so many factors that can affect better credit conditions can change during this time. In such a long time and usually high amounts of debt, it is enough that under the terms of the refinancing loan the interest rate is reduced by even one percentage point to reduce the monthly installment by up to several hundred zlotys. When multiplied by the number of months to complete the loan repayment, a lot of extra money can accumulate.

To sum up, a refinancing loan is a good solution for all customers who are looking for savings at every level of the home budget, or rather most of us strive to save as much as possible.

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Don’t be underestimated! Many Benefits Of Credit Card Insurance http://alizee-world.com//dont-be-underestimated-many-benefits-of-credit-card-insurance/ http://alizee-world.com//dont-be-underestimated-many-benefits-of-credit-card-insurance/#respond Wed, 30 Oct 2019 12:08:13 +0000 http://www.alizee-world.com/dont-be-underestimated-many-benefits-of-credit-card-insurance/

Don’t know the benefits of credit card insurance? Find out the benefits and find out whether credit card insurance suits your needs or not.


Credit Card Insurance

Credit Card Insurance

Ever get a call from a credit card telemarketer that offers credit card insurance?

Usually telemarketers will provide convenience in the manufacturing process and also offers in the form of cheap insurance premiums per month. Before agreeing, or for those of you who feel you want to apply for credit card insurance, first consider the discussion below!


Know What Credit Card Insurance Is

Know What Credit Card Insurance Is

Actually what is credit card insurance and how are the benefits of insurance? So, does each credit card holder need credit card insurance? Regular credit card insurance is also called Credit Protector, Credit Shield, or Credit Guard.

It’s also called insurance, of course insurance itself aims to bear the risk of the policy holder.

In this case credit card insurance will bear the risk of default from the credit card holder due to several factors, including death, loss of work and so on according to the agreement in the prospectus listed. No need to worry, credit card insurance itself has been regulated in the Minister of Finance Regulation No. 124 / PMK.010 / 2008 concerning the Implementation of the Insurance Business Line in article 1 paragraph 2. 


In the regulation it is explained that:

“Credit insurance is a general insurance business line that guarantees the fulfillment of the financial obligations of the credit recipient if the recipient of the credit is unable to fulfill its obligations in accordance with the credit agreement.”

In other words, any risk posed by the credit card holder due to the inability to pay the payment responsibility, will be borne by credit card insurance. Of course there are provisions that are regulated for the cause of default on credit card holders, including those who have had accidents or calamities that have caused death or permanent disability. If the credit card holder experiences the disaster, then the person concerned will be “free” from the burden of credit card debt.

Based on the rules of inheritance law, when a debtor dies and the debt has not been paid, the debt will be passed on to the heirs of the debtor. The size of the debt depends on the debt burden of the debtor and of course it will be troublesome for the heir as a debt payer who gets an inheritance in the form of debt. That is why credit card insurance exists and functions to provide a “debt free” status for the debtor, the credit card holderwho dies.

The nature of credit card insurance is twofold, mandatory and voluntary. Some banks require the holder to have credit card insurance, thus increasing the premium that must be paid. In addition there are also banks that do not require credit card holders to use credit card insurance facilities or voluntary. Banks that do not require credit card holders to use credit card insurance will provide an offer and also seek approval in advance.


How much is the credit card insurance premium & how does the protection work?

How much is the credit card insurance premium & how does the protection work?

Each credit card issuing bank has its own policy in issuing premium rules from credit card insurance.

But, if averaged, at least credit card insurance premiums are in the range of 0.3-0.8 percent of the total bills of the month.

If simulated as follows:

Mr, Rima has a credit card bill of $ 20 million and the insurance premium from the credit card issuing bank provides a premium fee of 5 percent.

Then the amount of insurance premiums that must be paid by Mr, Rima during the month are:

$ 20 million x 0.5% = $ 100,000

The amount of the premium will be directly proportional to the amount of the monthly bill from the use of credit cards.

So the bigger your bill, the greater the amount of premium you must bear.

But, if you don’t have a bill for a particular month, then you don’t automatically have to pay the cost of credit card insurance premiums.


How is the Credit Card Insurance Submission Process?

How is the Credit Card Insurance Submission Process?

At least there are 3 ways to apply for credit card insurance, including:

  1. Fill out the credit card insurance application form at the bank where the credit card issuer is concerned.
  2. Call an official call center from the issuing bank to apply for credit card insurance.
  3. Telemarketing is calling you to offer credit card insurance


Usually, the third way is the easiest and least complicated way because the telemarketers who contact you will take care of all your needs and you are only asked for approval.

But, they can only contact you if you are a credit card holder who regularly has your name registered in the system.

The heirs who will take care of the claim process need to pay attention to several things when the credit card holder dies, including the process of claims that must be done a maximum of 60-90 days, depending on the policies of each credit card issuing bank.

If the card holder dies, the heirs must process claims within a maximum of 60-90 days, depending on the policy of the credit card issuing company.

When submitting a claim, some data or documents that must be completed include:

  1. Claim Submission Letter from Participant / Heirs.
  2. Death certificate from the local kelurahan / Pamong Praja on behalf of the Participant.
  3. Minutes from the police if they die due to a traffic accident.
  4. Certificate from the Hospital / Doctor regarding the cause of the legalized death or the chronological certificate of death from the heir if he died naturally not in the hospital and without the treatment of the doctor (if he died of illness).
  5. Medical resume / Medical Report Permanent Disability from Doctor / Hospital for Participants
  6. Certificate from the local Republic of Indonesia Embassy (if died outside the territory of the Republic of Indonesia).
  7. Photocopy of Credit Card bill for the past 2 (two) months.
  8. Other documents as required by the Insurance Party: Photocopy of Family Card and KTP of Heirs
  9. Photocopy of Certificate of Heirs witnessed by the local Sub-District / Civil Service and known by the Sub-District Head (by a notary if Indonesian Citizens).
  10. Photocopy of power of attorney from all heirs to one of the heirs to represent all heirs in managing and receiving claims (in the event that all heirs cannot collect claims).



Know Your Needs

Know Your Needs

There are 2 opinions from credit card holders regarding credit card insurance.

First, those who need credit card insurance because their monthly bills can reach hundreds of millions.

Second, they feel safe if there is credit card insurance that protects their heirs if the credit card holder experiences a death accident.

In addition there are also those who feel that credit card insurance is not needed because the monthly bills are usually not too large (only the range of $ 5 million to $ 10 million) and the user’s ability to manage their finances.

How about you, do you need credit card insurance? Give your feedback in the fields provided below!

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Loan companies with over $ 1.65 million fine http://alizee-world.com//loan-companies-with-over-1-65-million-fine/ http://alizee-world.com//loan-companies-with-over-1-65-million-fine/#respond Tue, 29 Oct 2019 13:29:43 +0000 http://www.alizee-world.com/loan-companies-with-over-1-65-million-fine/

Borrowers’ legitimate doubts were also raised by a “free” loan for new customers. Bet Credit and Wincredit argued in advertising spots with financial support up to $ 2,000 for a period of 30 or 61 days completely free. As it turned out, there was little truth in it. One of the conditions for this to happen was timely repayment of the liability. Otherwise, the borrower was to pay solid interest and a commission – up to ¼ of the loan amount. The auditors estimated that if the loan were actually free, the consumer would only be required to pay interest for each day of delay. However, in this situation, he had to pay the conditionally suspended salary of the lender. Therefore, the delay was associated with a greater cost than suggested in the advertisement.


Expensive interest

Expensive interest

Another exception to the norm by Wincredit was the breach of the loan agreement regarding interest. Pursuant to it, the institution was entitled to charge it on outstanding amounts. In practice, however, they were calculated on the basis of the entire loan amount, as a result of which the borrowers paid higher interest than they should have. Even with small liabilities without any legal basis, several dozen or even several hundred zlotys a month disappeared from their portfolio.


A quarter to the transfer

A quarter to the transfer

Another understatement that could affect the choice of this offer by consumers was to ensure both companies that the money will reach each of the borrowers in just 15 minutes. In a world where time plays a huge role and customers who use the offer of institutions from the financial sector usually need cash “yesterday”, instant transfer is one of the strongest assets. Unfortunately, Bet Credit and Wincredit misled customers. It turned out that, admittedly, companies were able to transfer funds up to 15 minutes, but only to consumers who have bills in specific banks. So some people were waiting for money, but in reality they could only receive it after posting it on the next business day. In addition, Wincredit did not specify in its advertising materials that the quarter was calculated not from the moment the potential borrower submitted the application for financial assistance, but from the positive decision.


Lender name is missing

Lender name is missing

The last reason for UOKiK’s imposition of a fine was that Bet Credit brokered loans by another financial sector entity, but concealed this fact in advertisements and all kinds of advertisements. This caused a lot of misinformation. The consumer was not entirely sure who they borrow money from.


A lesson for others and change

money loan

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection showed that there is no consent in Poland for breaking the law and dishonesty towards clients, especially in the loan industry. For years, the legislator has changed the rules in such a way as to limit the scale of fraud on the part of lenders. Consumers are sometimes not fully aware and aware of the rules prevailing on the market. Most debtors who decide to make a commitment have a proverbial knife on their throats and most often act under the influence of emotions. The penalty for Wincredit and Bet Credit was a sign that consumers are not in a lost position when faced with large institutions.

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Pay interest averaging or penalty interest in one go? http://alizee-world.com//pay-interest-averaging-or-penalty-interest-in-one-go/ http://alizee-world.com//pay-interest-averaging-or-penalty-interest-in-one-go/#respond Mon, 28 Oct 2019 12:00:46 +0000 http://www.alizee-world.com/pay-interest-averaging-or-penalty-interest-in-one-go/

Anyone who took out an expensive mortgage years ago now looks at the low interest rates full of jealousy. But luckily there are solutions so that people with a high mortgage interest can benefit from low interest. You can break open your mortgage and refinance it. Banks often demand a fine as compensation. Which you can pay in installments – via interest mediation – or in one go. But what is smarter?

Paying penalty interest in installments

The excess fine can be paid in installments only through interest rate averaging. The fine that you pay for prematurely opening up your mortgage is then distributed over the new fixed-rate period. There is nothing wrong with that. But unfortunately this amount is often higher than when you pay in one go.

On top of that, with interest averaging, the part of your mortgage that you can repay without penalty will sometimes lapse.

money loan

That makes the fine even higher. Some banks also charge substantial interest surcharges. Allegedly to cover the costs and risks. But I think it is mainly opaque costs that cause a much too expensive service.

Reprinting your mortgage and paying the penalty interest at the same time is always cheaper than paying penalty interest in installments.


You only pay the fine, without surcharges, and you immediately benefit from the new low interest rate. This is not the case with interest averaging. Averaging means that your mortgage interest is averaged with the current interest. That is always more than the minimum interest.

Finance penalty interest

I know that many people cannot pay the penalty interest in one go. In that case you can also opt for a loan to finance the penalty interest. I see customers passing by every week who choose to borrow money for this reason.

Finance penalty interest costs with loan

To illustrate an example from last week: one of my clients has reduced his mortgage costs from € 1,800 to € 800 per month by taking over his mortgage. He financed the penalty interest with a Personal Loan that he repays in five years and costs him € 300 per month.

Compared to his old mortgage, he will save € 700 per month for the next five years and then even € 1,000. A great saving that was arranged that way. And who knows, you too can save a lot of money and finance your penalty interest in this way. So compare the options and at least do not opt ​​blindly for interest mediation .

Update 30 June 2016: Consumer Association advice on interest averaging

Not only are we critical of interest-rate averaging. The consumer association also advises not to opt for this expensive service. They will express this advice in a news release on 30 June. Because BAS and Find Loan are offering interest-rate averaging as of 1 July, the consumer association feels compelled to warn consumers about this.

Research by the consumer association shows that interest-rate averaging is too expensive and in this way banks burden homeowners with higher costs for a longer period of time. 

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What is the installment of the loan? http://alizee-world.com//what-is-the-installment-of-the-loan/ http://alizee-world.com//what-is-the-installment-of-the-loan/#respond Wed, 02 Oct 2019 14:11:36 +0000 http://www.alizee-world.com/what-is-the-installment-of-the-loan/

Everyone wants to make the loan payments as low as possible. Many people mistakenly believe that only interest rates affect the cost of this commitment. However, this is not all. So what makes up the loan installment ? Here is the most important information on this topic.




It should be emphasized that banks must earn on loans granted. I think it’s a matter of course for everyone. After all, they are not charities. It is no wonder then that the interest rate is relatively high. It must be higher than the interest rate on, for example, deposits. Interest rate alone is not everything. Of course, this parameter largely affects the final installment of the loan . Of course, the capital raised is important. In addition, you must consider the repayment period. The shorter it is, the larger the installments are. If someone chooses a longer repayment period, they have a chance to pay smaller installments every month, but the liabilities are more extended in time.

It should be noted that banks charge fees for their work. We are talking here about commissions and preparation fees. A loan installment sometimes also includes insurance. There is no shortage of people who decide on such a solution. They know that in the event of an unexpected accident, illness, etc., they will have something to pay off their monthly obligations. It is also worth mentioning the spread, which is charged on loans in foreign currency. It should be emphasized that it is the difference between the exchange rate of the Polish zloty and, for example, the euro, etc.


How to search

installment loan

No wonder then that some loan installments are very large. What can you do to pay the least amount possible? You need to take a moment to compare the options available on the market. It is worth choosing good Polish and foreign banks that have attractive financial conditions. Then the loans taken out will not involve as much expenses as it might seem at first glance. It is also very important to take into account such a parameter as rrso, i.e. the actual annual interest rate. It can be said that this is the best indicator that determines all the costs that make up the loan; and thus the installment . There are currently no lack of credit comparison websites. You can sort the available information in this respect, and choose the loan that will be the most attractive in financial terms.

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Although, when choosing a mortgage, the possibility and cost of early repayment are rarely key issues, there is no customer who would not ask an adviser. Generally, none of us wants to pay back the loan in retirement. It often turns out that the apartment needs to be changed to a different one or a house or the location should be moved to another city.

Customers often complain about the bank costs of early repayment. However, it should be noted that early repayment is not beneficial for the bank. A low-interest loan is only profitable if it is paid for relatively long. Therefore, by paying your mortgage early, you can pay up to 5% commission. In Poland, costs usually disappear after three or five years, and in other European countries or in the United States customers are not so privileged.


Does overpayment of the loan pay off?

Does overpayment of the loan pay off?

It is a step worth considering both from the point of view of mental comfort and economic dimension.

The advantage of overpaying the loan is:

  • relief for our mental condition, the smaller the loan and installment, the more we feel independent and safe, e.g. it’s easier for us to risk and change jobs, enlarge our family, go on trips,
  • savings – the more credit we overpay, the less interest we pay over the entire loan period,
  • relief for our household budget – a lower loan installment allows us to leave more funds in the household budget or improve credit standing,
  • the possibility of paying off the loan shorter – if we overpay the loan and at the same time sign the annex to the loan agreement leaving the installment at the current level, we will pay the entire amount in less time.

However, the real gains of loan overpayment should always be converted using a specific example. Then the profit can be calculated according to the scheme: interest saved – costs of overpayment alone – costs of any annexes = net profit.

However, if someone does not have specific savings, then overpay the loan should forget. Construction of savings first, and then overpayment. Disposing of all funds can lead to a situation in which, in the event of problems, we will be forced to take much more expensive consumer loans or loans.


The downside to overpaying the loan

loan payment

  • mortgage is the cheapest form of debt – at a time when we have low interest rates, the mortgage may look like “money for free”,
  • if we are able to earn more than the mortgage interest rate by trading the money we have, then overpaying does not make sense,
  • it is always worth having a cash surplus in order to be able to maintain liquidity even when we encounter temporary but severe financial challenges, e.g. costs of surgery and treatment, costs related to unemployment for some time, etc.
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