Many of you have already asked me to write about the financial side of having a baby. Although having a child is not primarily a financial decision, but as raising two children is usually more expensive than the real estate you raise them in, it is wise to be prepared financially for a change in your life.

However, before we turn to this, let me make a few comments on the subject.


The first is that the child will never arrive at the right time if you want to schedule at your own convenience. The child always gives up, both in time and money. Therefore, it is completely unnecessary to postpone it, at 25 you will find just as much excuses as at 35.

You will probably be financially better off at 35 than you are at 25, just because time is working against you. Many couples who would have gotten pregnant by age 25 sweat blood ten years later to have at least one child. And most children are not born because couples simply slip out of time. The average mother now gives birth to her first child around the age of 30, and there is no time for a second or third child before she is 35-38. Therefore, do not procrastinate.

(Only in parentheses: That’s why it is very important to whom you give your twenties. Half a year of walking with this, three years with this one year, a year and a half, and suddenly you realize that you are already 30 and the rush can start. seriously think of a relationship who, after two years of acquaintance, can’t decide what he wants from you, don’t talk about it at the age of twenty, because it steals an irreplaceable value from you: your youth.)

Update: For some reason, what I mean is that I mean college and teenage births. So: giving birth in your twenties means you are between 25 and 28 years old. You are not a kid anymore and you have been working for at least 3-5 years even if you went to college.

Forget the stupidity of “I have to build a career first”. I don’t even understand why so many people think it’s better to be born when you’re already in a serious position than before? Rather be a disadvantage as a mother with small children until you are nobody, than you should not take up a serious position at the age of 35 because it is good, but you will still be home every other week due to sick children. It goes a lot better when you’re just one easy-to-replace actatologist or a lot than when you’re a team leader or a department leader. They will pick you up sooner in your thirties, if you are over the birth of two or three children, and then you will not disappear to have children for seven years.

Another common mistake is that you wait until you have the children to bear. Flat, car, plasma TV, leather set.

“It is irresponsible to give birth to a child” is said by those who sit in foreign currency loans and moan month after month.


There was an article in Good Lender that, according to a reader survey, costs an average (!!) of one and a half million before a child is born. With two kids, I wondered how such a steep average could come out, and we brought the kids out of this tenth.

I started reading the items. Well yeah. Most people can’t even imagine a child falling out of his mother’s womb into a car seat. A car should be bought when the baby comes because it is the same base as the diaper and the baby bottle. Are we not going to carry it to the pediatrician 300 meters away and the nursery 250 meters away? What if you need to visit the stepson on the other side of town?

I have just read that 4.2 million Hungarian households have over 3 million passenger cars. If I take the old people out of the formula who are no longer driving, almost every Hungarian household has a car. (Of course, this is just a statistic, there are two, some are not.) Even to be poverty in this country. The car seems to fit most people and most people think life is just as necessary as air and water.

Another such crumbling item was the home exchange, home improvement in the survey. Some cannot imagine children growing up without a separate room and not having a Winnie the Pooh on the wall in a three-meter edition. Until I was nine, I lived with my two brothers in the half-room of a one-and-a-half-room apartment, and after that I didn’t have a separate room, just my brother and I. Then I am here. I would be very angry with my mothers if I couldn’t have been born because they didn’t have a five-room apartment at the time.

The third item was the 150,000 stroller. We also bought such strollers. Used for just 60,000, in almost new condition. Then we sold them, even more expensive than we bought them. I think we even looked at the strollers overall.

My wife takes the baby clothes for a pound in the turquoise, not even the original price tag on the clothes. (Children wear a dress for three months at a given time of the year;

Once worn, he sells them at olx for what he bought.

Once worn, he sells them at olx for what he bought.

Of course, I have an acquaintance who already had three pairs of $ 15,000 shoes for his three-month-old child. For a half year minimum the kid could not walk, but he had to put on his feet the silver colored Mike shoes and the cool Badidas. True, he outgrew all three couples in a month, but we only live once.

I only describe these because it is not obligatory to be silly. It is possible to have children in a rented apartment, and it is no tragedy if you do not carry a car even for a party and do not have to spend hundreds of thousands on baby clothes that will grow out in two months.

(Don’t be offended: if you have money for these, after you’ve set aside your pension and other reserves, feel free to buy everything for the kid. I’m talking about when you don’t have the money and you don’t have a kid just because you can’t imagine without it.)

By the way, until the mother is three years old, the child is almost nothing. A diaper, a little baby food, if you are out of season, you can bring the clothes for free if you sell them afterwards. You don’t have to buy baby watches and the other stuff that you want to salt at the store. You can borrow bathtubs, diapers and more from your friends.

I do not have a friend who has so many games for kids that they can only enter the nursery with their cards. My daughter has three babies and plays with the cheapest one only. He doesn’t look at the laughers.

My son may have a dozen small cars, and he’ll get another one if one of them is down.

My son may have a dozen small cars, and he

Even so, they are happy kids and never get bored with the lack of toys. (Sometimes we put on some boredom games for two to three months, and when they get it back, they play it as if they’ve never been seen before.)

So don’t let the big people know what an impossible mission it is to have children.

80% of the world’s population lives on (much) less money than the Hungarian minimum wage. However, having children in this part of the world is not a problem. In spite of its great prosperity, there are hardly any children born in the West, beaten by all the curses of consumer society.

“If I made as much money as the Germans, I would have a child.” Of course. Women in Germany also give birth to their first child at 29.2 years and only give birth to 1.43 children, which is only one breath better than the Hungarian figure of 1.3. And let’s not forget the many immigrants who distort statistics here.

In terms of population growth, only Cyprus and Ireland were in the top 100 in the Western world, and Ireland was only 99th. Most European countries are in the top 50 of the list. (And where not very few children are born in Europe, the origin of the children is heavily overshadowed. In London, Mohamed is the most common name given to newborn babies, and Muhammad is the fourth most common baby name. In other words, statistics of immigrants.)

In other words, it is not the degree of well-being that determines a child’s desire to have children, but, on the contrary, that the well-being and hedonistic worldview are the greatest obstacles to child-bearing.

Having children is not primarily a matter of money in Hungary. Rather, the question of whether you are willing to give up your comfort in order to spend the money you have spent so far on gadgets, vacations and your whims, is now spent on your children. And the time you’ve spent so far watching silly soap operas is now spent on bathing the kids and reviewing lessons.

Believe me, the child is worth the sacrifice. Then when you see your grandchildren grow up and become the one to open the door for you in your seventies and eighties, if you have to leave your fortune, you say you understand all the money. And vice versa, unfortunately, just ask older children how happy or unhappy they are.

Now, after so many introductions, let’s look at the concrete steps.

The first and most important step is to take full control of your financial life. If you, like the average person, live from one month to the next and have no idea how much you are earning and how much you are spending and how you want to plan what will change with the arrival of your child (ren)?

So start writing down how much you spend, pennies exactly, and then, in three months, see where you can save. I’ve already written about a great phone program here.

Ask your child for expenses that are already out there and have even followed the expenses.

Ask your child for expenses that are already out there and have even followed the expenses.

The kids, as I wrote above, cost almost nothing in the first few years. This is good because while the mother is at home with them, the loss of income is not offset by a huge increase in expenses.

In addition, your other expenses will be reduced if you have a baby. With children, you are much less likely to go out to home for fun, a restaurant or other place. Of course, this does not seem too welcome at first glance, but financially it helps.

Don’t be afraid that the amount you spend on children will increase in the future. Your paycheck on your life journey will ideally increase, not just money spent on children. If not, that is, you are not able to have a career in your life, you are doing something really bad. Because you are protesting in vain if you are staying in the same place as you have been for 5 or 10 years, you probably haven’t crossed two straws to get ahead in life.

Save it in advance. Increase your monthly savings on spending to prepare for a loss of income due to your mother’s income. Now that you are able to set aside large sums, it will both help you prepare for the tightening of your belt and, on the other hand, that money will come in handy during your childhood and childbirth.

At least as soon as your pregnancy is discovered, you should take out risk life insurance.

At least as soon as your pregnancy is discovered, you should take out risk life insurance.

Take a look around the house and sell all the crap out of the house. You win space and money. You’ll both need it a lot when the baby arrives.

Get help from a parent with a small child, what you need in your child’s first few years. Write these things down and ask your childhood acquaintances if any of them could be borrowed, given as gifts, or sold to you cheaply. You can’t even imagine how much you’ll get. We got so many clothes that we couldn’t give half of the baby what he grew up with, but there were two in the tub and many more.

List the rest of the things you need to buy. Look at the total amount and decide if you can or want to spend that much. If not, rationalize where you can.

Make a budget to buy what you need. If you have a baby crib for $ 5,000 then forget about that cute bunny bed from the catalog for $ 50,000.

Take a look at your current budget to see what you can give up for your child’s expenses.

As a kid project is an event of two decades, it is important that you think about the next twenty years, so try to plan for the long term financially.

It is not a problem if you are not likely to be able to buy a home for your child at the age of 20, or if he or she will only be able to settle his or her university loan. You will not become a good parent by spending all your money on your children and then moving into them at the age of seventy, because you forgot to put it aside for your retirement and starve as a retiree.

Read baby-mom forums, blogs, find helpful tips on how and what you can save.

Avoid consular diism also in this area. You don’t have to buy all the nonsense they want to sell you, from the sleeping machine that mimics the sound of the womb to the breathing monitor. Believe me, without them the child will grow up.