Argentinian president advocates integration at ECLAC meeting (+Photo)

Speaking at the start of the meeting at the Kirchner Cultural Center in the capital, the President said it was a huge honor for his country to welcome him and assume the pro tempore presidency of this organization after 59 years.

We must seek our own solutions and not import foreign recipes to meet the current challenges. We are living in a complex international situation because, after overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic, we have lost peace, which has a negative impact on our economy, he underlined.

However, we have the hope and the opportunity to meet the challenges creatively. We can and must talk about productive integration, regional value chains, science and technology applied to the production of goods and services, and the generation of quality jobs, he added.

On the other hand, he highlighted the role of ECLAC and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States as generators of content and catalysts of collaboration agreements.

The current situation requires a critical look and innovative responses to design policies and solutions made in and for our territory. The crisis has highlighted the value of solidarity and demands that we strengthen cooperation and alliances, he said.

Working together is an imperative and an essential condition for achieving equitable development that does not plunge those who inhabit these lands into poverty.

In this line, ECLAC offers us a privileged space for a collective and pluralistic construction that encourages a sensitive look at the needs of each country, he underlined.

The President invited to implement a structured agenda based on dialogue, to strengthen regional ties and to achieve a better position of the continent in front of the world.

In addition, he advocated for bridging the technology gap, combating climate change, promoting equal rights and gender, promoting technological development, democratizing connectivity, promoting economic knowledge and the transition to renewable energy, among other aspects.

Let’s talk, coordinate and work together. It will give us strength, increase our self-esteem and show us new opportunities, he said.


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