Avanca Reviews Crowdfunding Campaign with NewsWatch TV

This review concerns our experience with NewsWatch TV and our collaboration with them on two crowdfunding campaigns. We launched our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help receive funds for our Sirius B handheld. The goal was set at $ 10,000 over a 30 day period, and as we wanted to make sure our campaign was a success, we hired NewsWatch to help promote it. We wanted to make sure it was heavily promoted because an Indiegogo campaign has to hit its goal within 30 days or we don’t get any money. We chose a package with NewsWatch to produce and broadcast a one-minute promotional segment as part of the Watch TV Reviews to help boost our Indiegogo campaign. The segment aired on their TV show and received national exposure in the United States both on the national TV show NewsWatch, as well as all of their online channels.

It’s great to work with NewsWatch, it’s actually the second time we’ve worked with NewsWatch and we love it. The team is great and the support is fantastic, and we’ve seen great results working with them. The first time we worked with NewsWatch, we did it to launch our crowdfunding campaign for a full Windows PC that fits in your pocket, and that’s why the crowdfunding campaign was a success. .

Our results

NewsWatch was the reason our second Indiegogo campaign was a huge success. He raised $ 456,551 and achieved 2,939% of our goal within the 30 day period. It was over 29 times more money than we had planned to achieve. We used NewsWatch segment to help promote campaign, and had it disseminated at the same time as the crowdfunding project. Our video on NewsWatch has been seen in over 200 US markets and reached over 96 million homes, broadcast across the US which really helped reach as many people as possible who were interested in our product. The online campaign Newswatch ran for our review also received over a million impressions online, which was great to help promote our crowdfunding campaign. It’s great to work with NewsWatch, we really love it. We strongly recommend that you work with the NewsWatch team.

About the campaign

We have engaged NewsWatch TV twice to promote our crowdfunding campaigns. The first time around, we were able to do everything without ever having to leave our offices. We shipped the product to them and they handled the rest, from storyboarding and filming, to creating the reviews and putting it on TV and social media. It was really great, because we were in the middle of a huge campaign so we didn’t have a lot of time to spend, and they handled it all and took a ton of worries away from us.

The second campaign was a bit more involved. For this, we were exhibiting at IFA, a global technology conference in Berlin, Germany. We wanted NewsWatch to come to Germany to film our booth and the launch of our new product, and it was so exciting when they sent their producers and production team to Europe to capture our footage. They did a great job interviewing and filming our product on location in Berlin, and the final video turned out excellent as a result. The NewsWatch review they filmed in Berlin is what we used to promote the crowdfunding campaign, and it turned out to be a big success. The team is extremely professional and the job they do is fantastic. They are experts at capturing exactly the message we are looking to create and the campaign results have significantly helped us reach and raise more money than we planned in our crowdfunding campaign.

About Us

We are a Dutch tech company founded in 2008. For us it is smartphones, tablets and laptops. We develop accessories and equipment for all types of mobile devices. Our passion is in good design, but the products really have to work, too. In recent years, we have grown in Europe, Africa and Asia. We are the fastest growing computer hardware company in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and we are growing daily and are an award winning designer and manufacturer of mobile lifestyle accessories. We regularly exhibit at major technology trade fairs and conferences around the world, including the IFA in Berlin. IFA is one of the world’s largest trade shows for consumer products, electronics and home appliances. It is held annually in Berlin and has been going on since 1924. We also exhibit at other major technology fairs, showcasing our latest innovative solutions and technology products to consumers around the world.

If you want to know more about us, consult us at http://www.avancaproducts.com

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