Champions of Change: Elise Gould, SRP

Never before has the Arizona business community needed agile, adaptable and innovative leaders more than needed in today’s booming economy. That’s what the Champions of Change Awards are all about: to recognize those dynamic innovators and trailblazers who are changing Arizona’s economic environment through their leadership and visionary thinking.

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“We created the Champions of Change Awards to recognize innovative leaders, for-profit companies, and nonprofits that are changing the business landscape in Arizona,” said Amy Lindsey, publisher of AZ Big Media. “These awards shine a light on the real game changers and thought leaders in the state. This is an awards event unlike any the state has ever seen. »

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Champions of Change: Elise Gould, Senior Director of Knowledge, Branding and Communications, SRP

Elise Gould, SRP’s Senior Director of Insights, Brand Strategy and Communications, leads a team of more than 100 people who are collectively reimagining the way the organization builds deeper and more meaningful relationships with its customers. and its communities.

Under his leadership, the team has transformed into an integrated, data-driven organization that collaborates across departments to exceed KPIs. It was not by chance. With a Masters in Organizational Psychology, Elise entered her leadership role by first seeking to understand the nuances surrounding PRS marketing and communications needs and the role of each team. She then empowered her team members to bring their unique perspectives to build a culture of change and performance together.

“Elise has a deep sense of curiosity and an ability to cultivate an environment where all voices and viewpoints are heard,” said Alaina Chabrier, Associate Managing Director and Director of Communications at SRP. “These characteristics have helped SRP and his team navigate change with agility and a growth mindset.”

Elise championed change despite massive organizational and industrial disruption. The pandemic and the unprecedented growth in electricity demand in the Valley were obstacles she had to overcome with visionary thinking and commitment.

Its impact goes well beyond the walls of SRP. Elise is a board member of the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation and has helped the organization successfully transition under new leadership and respond to changing organizational needs. Elise also serves on ASU’s Center for Services Leadership Advisory Board, where she advises the groundbreaking research center on expanding service innovation by combining the latest scientific insights from academia with the best strategy. service in the business world. Elise also co-founded the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA), a legacy that has endured in the region for nearly a decade.

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