China’s military and economic rise in East Asia

By: Hamza Niazi

From being one of the poorest states to the second largest economy in the world. China has done a wonderful job in all sectors, be it the military, the economy or infrastructure. When President Xi Jinping came to power, he had a vision, if not a dream, of a one China.

Make China great and this vision that inspired it inspired the entire nation of 1.4 billion people. There are different age groups and different communities, communities with a variety of religions, but President Xi’s vision makes them all one.

Polls in various parts of China show that people just love him, because of his view of China. In the Chinese dream, President Shi dreamed of three main factors for China, power, wealth and respect.

It’s not like China has always been on the path to success and prosperity, now that it is, it is respected by the world. And it is proven that over the past 40 years, the world admires Chinese success.

China has grown from an agricultural state to a global technology-making powerhouse contributing nearly 30% to the global economy. China is now the world’s second largest economy. China has lifted its 800 million people out of poverty. The Chinese economy boomed when it joined the WTO in December 2001.

It was a major step forward. China’s integration has consolidated its position in the world economy. Companies like Ford, Apple and Nike started to manufacture products in China due to the cheap labor. Due to the WTO, many developed economies have started to come to China like the United States and many others, and these economies have led China to be where it is now. Over the next 15 years, the Chinese economy exploded and you can see from the numbers how things have moved really fast, faster than anyone expected.

Not only in the economic sector, China has also proven itself in the military field. Since China adopted its open door policy in 1978, the People’s Liberation Army has been strengthening its military capabilities. Economic growth over the years has helped a lot: military spending has quintupled since 2000, although China has reduced its strength from six million troops 40 years ago to two million now. If the time of the 1970s at this time, China had J-6 fighter jets that were outdated.

China’s military and monetary rise will help distinguish it from China globally. China has used the serene technique to gain strength as far as the army, which is currently difficult for the world forces, and in addition to attract different nations in the same way as the economy.

But China now has the J-20, China’s first stealth fighter. The J-22 is often compared to the fifth-generation American -22 fighter jets. According to the Pentagon, the Chinese air force is now the largest in Asia and the third in the world.

The Chinese military is right behind the Russian army and the United States’ army. Its military spending is the second highest in the world. China continues to modify and strengthen its military capabilities, posing a constant threat to its hostile neighbors. The branches of the People’s Liberation Army are: land forces (975,000 men), navy (240,000 men), air forces (395,000 men), rockets (100,000 men) and strategic support (175,000 men). The PLA is the largest military force in the world, and the most rapidly modernizing military force in the world.

The surge in advances in economic, military and technological strength has created a serious threat to some of its hostile neighbors and some other states like the United States. The United States has repeatedly accused China of robbing it of jobs. The advancement of technology like the past case of Huawei. This issue has seriously disrupted the Chinese economy.

The CIA director said in an interview that China’s constant economic growth is affecting the United States and that he is not very fond of such extreme progress in almost any sector be it the economy, the military or technological development.

He has continually criticized China for capturing or occupying islands in the South China Sea, another major problem in Sino-US relations. The United States claims that China occupies islands rich in minerals and also occupies a very important strategic location and can also be used for commercial purposes.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said China’s threat to India and Southeast Asian states is one of the reasons US troops are deployed in other regions. He disputes the actions of the Chinese Communist Party, that its actions meant that there were threats against India and other states. Pompeo also criticized China for wanting to undo all NATO progress. He also blamed China for the escalation of serious tensions with India in the Ladakh region.

The United States is heavily involved in the South China dispute and claims that aside from India, China is also involved in various territorial disputes in the South China Sea and with many Asian states in the South. Is.

In an interview with the Chinese ambassador to India, he said the 20 members of the Indian military killed in this incident were not China’s responsibility. When asked how many members of the Chinese military were killed in this incident, he replied that the answer or information would not be able to alleviate the situation between the two states, but would only help make the situation worse.

In conclusion from the above, we can conclude that the rise of China as an Asian giant, or we can say that the regional dominan, is a constant headache for its opponents or for states like the United States. . And above all we can conclude after an in-depth study of Chinese strategies that the Chinese government, the Chinese army is able to face opponents like the USA and China is able to tackle serious or we can say dangerous situations. . Currently, China is experiencing positive growth thanks to its massive trade industry in which the developed foreign economies discussed above play a very important role in China’s surging progress.

China’s forceful disposition shows that China is equipped to take care of the multitude of threatening nations and can be managed whenever needed. Currently, China, by the strength of its economy, has effectively occupied the regional debate of its neighbors. China’s military and monetary rise will help distinguish it from China globally. China has used the serene technique to gain strength as far as the military, which is currently difficult for the world forces, and in addition to attract different nations in the same way as the economy. China’s silent ascent on the planet is increasingly an acceptable justification for China later on world legislative matters and gives the world another sense of harmony and financial advancement despite conflicts and confrontations. .

The writer is a freelance columnist

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