Covid cases increase 46% week-on-week

EThe epidemiologist, Dr Adam Kucharski, said the UK faces a different battle over the dominance of the Indian variant, which means that it could be “difficult to justify” the easing of new restrictions this this month.

When asked if the June 21 unlock target made him ‘nervous’, the government adviser told BBC Radio 4’s Today show:’ I think we have to accept that the equation has changed. here – we are not facing the virus we faced two months ago. .

“If we were faced with the B.117 (Kent) variant as the dominant variant, the fact that it (the vaccines) works great, the number of cases goes down well, we might have a little more confidence that it could be reopening without seeing these surges.

“But we are not. Everyone is tired of this pandemic, they want it back to normal and it will happen, the effectiveness of two doses of the vaccine will eventually get us there.

“But if, say, two weeks from now we are in a situation where hospitalizations have increased, where local health systems are under pressure, I think it will be quite difficult to justify adding more transmission to this. kind of situation. “

Dr Kucharski described the current infection chart as “U-shaped”, with the vaccines having worked to suppress the Kent variant infections, but the Indian variant is now causing a further increase in cases.

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