Cymz Sweet Kre8tionz bakery with Cymbree Fevella

Desserts are in my DNA. I like a sweet treat. As a recent cancer survivor, I know I should cut back on my sugar intake, but after taking treatment there is a fine line between enjoying a certain quality of life and the realities of post-chemo health recommendations. After all, I couldn’t stop eating cookies, cakes, and pies any easier than I could stop breathing. So quality is a huge factor with all the baked goods I put in my mouth, and finding Cymz Sweet Kre8tionz was finding my safe haven. Cymbree and Glen Fevella are the team behind the new bakery, and Cymbree is the full-time inspiration and designer behind the brand, with her husband entering as Official Taster and Weekend Warrior.

“My mom really inspired me,” Cymbree says. “She was a baker when I was young. I started in 2014. I had done floral design in a local store, then I also worked as a dental assistant for about five to six years. But my mother cooked all the time; she made treats like carrot cake and pies. So I looked at the market in 2014, trying to think about what I could do. I started out with cake pops and cupcakes, and chocolate covered stuff, then over the years I started making pies and cupcakes in different flavors, push pops, mini pies and cups. for cakes. Now our variety and our range of things we make are like 20 different desserts. “

Cymz just opened its first brick and mortar store at the end of July, but you might already know her by following her Instagram @ cymz_sweet_Kre8tionz, or its presence at the Maui Sunday Market. Her sweet treats are some of the most unique I’ve found, and they really capture the local flavors.

“We have a presence on Facebook and Instagram. We also have a website. We made the treats in the commercial kitchen at the Pono Center in Lokahi for many years before we opened this place. As we started to do different things, especially our Chantilly which has milk, we had to take insurance and we would grow little by little. What changed that was the Food Innovation program. Now we have our own place. We started operating here in June, opening the bakery doors at the end of July.

The University of Hawai’i Maui College has a Maui Food Innovation Center with an incubation program to coach and train food producers in our community. Cymbree says it really helped her focus on her baking.

“It was really good to follow the program,” says Cymbree. “My business has changed me to be more outgoing, lively and involved in the community. It changed my whole self-confidence. The innovation course was really good… I was so grateful! It was a good experience.”

Cymbree and Glen Fevella

I go down to the bakery to meet Cymbree and check out the bakery. Her sign is a pretty touch of pink in a sea of ​​doctor’s and dentist’s offices in the new Maui Lani Professional Row. She’s working on the retail arrangement for the birthday cards alongside her gorgeous new refrigerated display case.

“I’m going to have cards and candles – you know, take out, one-stop shopping,” she said. “I also have a passion for color schemes; I like to work on the presentation. I don’t eat the majority of the treats, but I do have tasters like my mom and my husband. Now we have the space to really experiment and be more creative.

She takes me out the back to show me some of the baked goods and treats for this week’s opening hours. They are beautifully laid out on cake stands and glass trays, almost too cute to eat.

“We have our cake pans,” Cymbree says. “This one is a strawberry cake with haupia and strawberry puree, whipped cream and chocolate chips. The cake cups we make in strawberry, banana, haupia, coconut, guava, ube and red velvet. This plate here is mochi cake cups, between a cake and a mochi consistency. This one’s Oreo, ube. Next, we have our Oreo red velvet cupcakes, and Chantilly banana. All our toppings are Chantilly. Then we have the truffles: It’s an Oreo truffle, and a Biscoff truffle. Basically the cookies are broken down and made into a creamy mixture and covered with white chocolate.

Signature pies are my favorite and one of their most popular treats.

“We have our signature pies: this one is a Kona coffee with Oreo; we have a Kula strawberry and the outside is chocolate, we have a guava liliko’i, a mango coconut cheesecake and we have a pumpkin cheesecake with haupia ” , explains Cymbree. “Our most popular is Chantilly ube with fruity pebbles. Our pies alone come in 20 different flavors. We usually shoot them to see what’s popular, to see what people like and what they don’t like.

They have an unusual shape – cylindrical and high. She squeezes them by hand and also put them down.

“People really like it to be the size of a bite,” says Cymbree. “I know I’ve seen it elsewhere, but nobody bakes pie like we do. Ours is topped with Chantilly and is super signature. Our ube is a registered trademark. This is called a Purpshotz. It’s our nickname so people will know it. It’s ube pie, but no one makes it like us. This is our pie.

Finally, his small bakery will also offer drinks, such as lattes and coffees, to accompany the treats. But for now, she plans to be open two days a week and make appearances at the Maui Sunday Market and other events. You need to log into her Instagram to find out the days she will be open that week.

“My passion is what people love! said Cymbree. “For the guava pie, during the season we pick by hand, we mash, we freeze, then we use it when we need it. I had a comment at the Maui Ag Festival in particular, a local boy came with his family and they bought a pack and then later they came back and said, ‘Oh my god that was so good, it reminded me of when I was a little kid walking up to ‘Iao and picking up guavas from the ground. It’s exactly what I taste when I bite into it. So that’s what I like. “

Cymz Sweet Kre8tionz bakery

153 Ma’a Street Unit 101

Hi Kahului 96732


Open Thursday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. this week, check Facebook and Instagram for weekly schedules. For the delivery order on the Bite Squad app.



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