Dukhan Bank wins 2 World Economic Magazine awards for innovative and exceptional banking services

Dukhan Bank was recognized by World Economic Magazine in two categories: “Best Digital Business Services in Qatar 2021” and “Best New Contactless Payment Platform for (D-Pay)”.

The World Economic Magazine aims to recognize the spirit of industry disruptors in the global financial market by recognizing companies and thought leaders in today’s “innovation economy”. The awards highlight digital futures banking which has been run by Dukhan Bank over the past year.

A robust digital transformation remains underway with plans to advance its innovative technology infrastructure, service portfolio and banking products.

The award-winning contactless D-Pay platform, launched earlier this year, addresses growing customer demand for digital banking products and services.

The platform enables its home and business customers to conduct all their online transactions easily and securely by integrating its payment services with branded handheld devices as well as facilitating payments through Fitbit and Garmin Pay and others. services.

These accolades are the latest in a series of awards given by the bank last year to numerous international entities in five distinct categories, namely the annual International Business Magazine Awards, the annual Global Business Outlook (GBO) Awards and the International Finance Awards 2020.

In 2020, Dukhan Bank received many accolades.

The bank’s Sharia-compliant savings account service, Thara’a, was named “ Most Innovative Banking Product ” at the 2020 GBO Awards.

Dukhan Bank’s mobile app received the ‘Most User-Friendly Banking App’ award, while honoring its overall services as ‘Best Retail Bank’ and ‘Most Innovative Bank’ in Qatar by the International Business Magazine Awards 2020.

Dukhan Bank CEO Khalid al-Subeai was also honored as ‘Qatar Bank CEO of the Year 2020’, as well as ‘Most Progressive Bank Award’, The New Age Banking Summit .

Commenting on the two awards, Dukhan Bank said, “We are pleased with the recognition given to Dukhan Bank for its strong digital transformation on the recently launched (D-Pay) platform and other digital capabilities.

“This comes as a reaffirmation of Dukhan Bank’s messy commitment to a technological future.

We are constantly striving to improve our portfolio which offers the most diverse banking services to our clients, making Dukhan Bank Qatar the bank of choice.

Dukhan Bank’s extensive banking solutions to satisfy customers in Qatar are based on forward-thinking strategies, which positions it as one of the leaders in the banking industry.

The bank has established itself as the most progressive Sharia-compliant service provider in the country, offering a wide range of award-winning banking products and services at all levels: local, regional and global.

Recent headlines rank hand in hand with the awards and recognitions Dukhan Bank has won over the years for its groundbreaking service in the area of ​​Sharia banking.

Dukhan Bank holds more than a decade of service excellence awards recognized in the industry as a leader in multiple fields as it paves the way for one of the world’s leading Islamic financial services groups based in Qatar.

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