Giannis Antetokounmpo charmed journalists with his book of jokes about dads

Is there a cuter NBA superstar than Giannis Antetokounmpo? Not only is the Greek Freak one of the best players in the league, but his adorable public persona regularly comes across as so wholesome and genuine and he proved it again on Tuesday night.

After leading the Milwaukee Bucks to a 118-116 win over the Philadelphia 76ers, Giannis entered his postgame press conference with a giant smile on his face. But the contagious smile wasn’t from the win, it was because he was holding a book of dad jokes facing a specific page.

“I’m ready,” Giannis said as he sat down in front of a group of reporters. “I came ready. Let’s open with a joke. What do you call a cow on the ground? Somebody knows ?”

Giannis paused briefly to see if a reporter knew the answer, then he delivered the punchline with impeccable timing.

“Ground beef,” he said. “That’s it. Now the next one in New York.

Perhaps even better than the punchline, was the fact that Giannis laughed hysterically at his own joke, reinforcing his sincere and genuine persona. It wasn’t the first time Giannis had shown his affinity for dad jokes, previously delivering another nasty pun to reporters.

“When the cows come out, where do they go?” Giannis asked reporters earlier this year. “To the mooooovies.”

That he discovers the beauty of Oreos dipped in milk, discovering smoothiesby ordering a 50 piece from Chick-fil-A, or sing with Harry Styles, Giannis just seems too pure for this world. And he is also a very good basketball player.

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