Infosys automating the integration between its own platform, CoWIN to facilitate the staff vaccination process, IT News, AND CIO

major in computer science Infosys said on Saturday that he was automating the the integration between its own vaccination platform and CoWIN to facilitate the immunization process for its staff and their families. CoWIN director RS Sharma recently said that more than a dozen entities, including large digital companies like Payment, DoMyTravel and Infosys plan to approve the offer vaccine reservations.

“While Infosys is rolling out vaccines for employees and their families, through our Development centers in India, we are automating the integration between our own immunization platform and CoWIN to make the program transparent, ”Infosys said in an emailed statement to.

India has stepped up vaccination to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. India has so far administered over 24.9 crore jabs to eligible beneficiaries.

The government last month released new guidelines for integrating CoWIN with third-party applications, making it easier for those applications to offer vaccine reservations.

Previously, giants like Facebook and Google startups like HealthifyMe have introduced a host of tools to help people find time slots for immunization appointments.

Platforms like Under45 and GetJab became popular overnight because they alerted users when slots for vaccines opened up and then directed them to the CoWIN platform to get an appointment.

The government began to vaccinate gradually, starting with those over 60, then for those over 45 and more recently, for those aged 18-44.

Initial issues such as issues on the CoWIN platform and vaccine shortage are also gradually being resolved.

On Wednesday, the government announced a new update that allows an applicant to correct any unintentional errors in the name, year of birth and gender printed on the CoWIN vaccination certificate.

Users can also make the correction through the CoWIN website.

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