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Chongqing, China, July 5, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Earlier this year, the “Yuyue Fleet” participated by Yu Zhiying of Class 1 of Big Data Technology and Application, School of Electronic Information, engineering, Chongqing Business Vocational College, successfully won the Urban Ice and Snow Challenge Championship and the third finalist of the cross-country ice and snow rally among 31 domestic and foreign teams in China Changchun (International) Driverless Car Ice and Snow Challenge.

The “Yu yue Fleet” of Chongqing Business Vocational College has successfully won the Urban Ice and Snow Challenge championship.

Why is a vocational college located in the southwest region able to compete with many well-known national undergraduate colleges and win the championship? All of this benefits from the practice of reforming the “collaborative” school-business shared education platform, which is at the heart of the design of “co-governance, co-construction, dynamic cooperation” and the development of clusters of Multi-type and inter-professional innovation studios explored the institute with the national “double highly” Internet of Things application technology professional group building project as a practical medium.

The college reform implementation team implemented the ‘dual tutor’ system of joint school-business training through the formulation of studio cluster operating and management methods, and systematically eliminated “Two skins” of the two main functions of talent training and social service, which is for “co-governance”; Take full account of the needs of schools and businesses, two-way empowerment of schools and businesses, jointly create practical courses and practical training cases, jointly develop technical services and social training projects, jointly create internal and external training bases and jointly create competence standards, national technical standards, the certificate assessment standard integrates the excellent talent training program and the social service technology program in a high degree of “co -construction”. in the school-business collaboration process, the professional capacity big data analysis platform is used as the real-time analysis method, and the Internet of things The standard of the engineering staff competency framework is a long-term update to follow, based on the international COMET professional skills assessment technology as the basis for evaluation feedback, and the three tools are integrated to achieve dynamic coordination and closed-loop co-rectification of the talent training and industrial development.

In addition, the college also implemented an integrated theoretical and practical training model of interactive school-business training, and gradually formed a three-stage teaching model of “integrated work and learning, step by step”.

In the context of China’s rapid development for more than 40 years to become the world’s second-largest economy, Chongqing Business Vocational College is working with many other vocational colleges to create the “Chinese characteristics” of vocational education in the world. It is not only necessary to build first-class national higher vocational colleges, but also to strive to make unique contributions to the field of vocational education in the world.

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