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DJEDDAH: The Luxury Network Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia’s leading luxury business networking and affinity marketing group, hosted an intimate VIP gala dinner to celebrate recent milestones and achievements in Saudi motorsport.

The gala dinner was held in the upscale luxury room of Laylaty in the presence of Prince Khalid bin Sultan Al Faisal, President of the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (SAMF); Seifeldin Usher, the British Consul General; Martin Whitaker, CEO of the Saudi Arabian GP, ​​alongside other Saudi motorsport figures, businessmen, media and social media celebrities.

During his speech at the awards party, Luxury Network KSA CEO Abdullah Fakeih welcomed his guests and said the country is growing rapidly across all platforms and has become not only the most great attraction in the region, but also internationally.

He also said that the Luxury Network KSA, in partnership with the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, has come together to celebrate this new era of automotive expansion, adding to the overall goals of Vision 2030. This initiative contributes to the thriving regional automotive ecosystem and their pursuit of success while expanding their reach.

“The Kingdom has experienced exponential growth in terms of economic ecosystem, as we firmly believe that cross-border synergies are the main goal of our platform and to be encouraged by expanding the network community. The Luxury Network KSA is proving to be one of the biggest attractions for all network headquarters in the world based on the new opportunities which have encouraged growth and prospects, ”said Fakeih.

At the special dignitaries dinner, presented by the brilliant presenter Shahrazad Faisal, the outstanding achievements of the Saudi Motorsport March were highlighted during the past period in accordance with the “Vision of Kingdom 2030” under the supervision of the Federation. Saudi Arabian Automobile and Motorcycle. .

Efforts have been made by various parts of the Kingdom to push motorsport to the highest international level after the establishment of the “Hail” Rally, one of the events of the Desert Rally World Championship, the International “Dakar” Rally in the Kingdom, and the preparation for one of the rounds of the Formula 1 world championship in Jeddah.

During a panel discussion moderated by Muhammad Islam, founder and presenter of the “Mo Show” podcast, Usher praised the development the Kingdom has witnessed in various areas, noting that what he has achieved in the area of motorsport, in particular, is an example. to follow, for countries wishing to join the elite community at world sporting level.

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix CEO Martin Whitaker shed light on all the new changes happening in the Kingdom. He said it was the support of the Saudi leadership behind the completion of the Jeddah circuit on which the final round of this year’s championship takes place. “The Jeddah Circuit is the fastest street circuit and it’s the longest street circuit in the world and it really marks a milestone for Saudi Arabia on the international stage.”

Sara Chefei, the youngest artist in the Kingdom, performed various iconic music to add to the atmosphere of the show.

Strong brands participated in the event as the sponsors were honored by Luxury Network KSA like Maserati, Patchi, U-boat, St DuPont, Rituals, Lomar, Aquafina, Saudi Polo Federation, Seba Jamal, Royal Golf Green, Malda Beauty , Arsaan, Lanisa, Mobile, Laylaty, Malda Beauty, Mix FM, Alam Arrajol, Arsann, The Mo Show Podcast and L’ANISE Frankfurt.

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