Notice: stop the madness

In this upside down, upside down and endless global pandemic world, 2 + 2 = 5, the election was stolen, the vaccine will plant a microchip in your body, January 6 and people beating them regularly. flight attendants as a hobby, have you noticed that the nonsense seems endless? And that a lot of people just feel and act like crazy? If you’re not worried, you’re not paying attention.

So, seeing myself as a rational, sane woman of a certain age, I have tried to understand why everything is so completely out of whack and I would like to share some of the things that come to mind. I started to think about it when I read last July that the California Department of Justice reported that hate crimes in California had skyrocketed in 2020 compared to 2019. In the Bay Area, we saw many headlines recounting attacks on Asians, possibly because Donald the Liar has repeatedly blamed China for the pandemic. And while it is true that hate crimes against Asians have increased from the previous year, they actually only accounted for 89 out of a total of 546 incidents with 457 crimes committed against blacks and African Americans, i.e. an 88% increase over the previous year. “The hegemonic group here is made up of white Americans,” remarked Jack Glaser, professor of public policy at UC Berkeley. Why oh why, please say it?

Going back about a thousand years back to the Crusades, we see a dedicated effort by Europeans to subjugate and conquer Muslims in Israel, Palestine and parts of Jordan, Lebanon and Syria in order to claim the Holy Land like theirs. They became the colonial rulers of Asia, Africa and the Americas thanks to their winning combination of cheap labor, seemingly endless natural resources, and profitable trade routes. It is no coincidence that these conquered peoples were all people of color (BIPOC).

The trend towards white supremacy and imperialism continued and deepened as Europeans entered the slave trade and expanded their economies with the slave labor of black bodies. . It should be noted that Islamic slavery also flourished from the 7th century onwards with peoples imported from West and Central Asia, India, and North and East Africa. But it was the Atlantic slave trade that encouraged war between the West African kingdoms to populate the European colonies of the New World, the Americas, that triggered economic prosperity to unimaginable levels, especially in this region. now known as the United States.

We know that white supremacy and privilege are infused into the Constitution of the United States and the resulting infrastructure of virtually every aspect of American life today, from political, economic, cultural, educational, criminal justice ( read this as an injustice) to the daily professional and social functioning of this country. It has also turned into an insatiable greed on a scale never seen before. Why, I wonder, are the uber rich being so obsessed with increasing their wealth and power rather than settling for their good fortune?

Some say that those who call themselves “white” (white being more of a construction than a fact) harbor an existential fear of extinction, as expressed by the neo-Nazi men who chanted “the Jews – and presumably the Afro – Americans too given the presence of the KKK – will not replace us “as they led their vicious protests in Charlottesville in 2017. And while it is difficult to pin down a solid number of racial / ethnic demographics, it is more than clear that the world’s white population is in decline. The World Fact Book, published annually by the US government, reports that depending on the continent, some 82% of the world’s population includes BIPOC people. So, can we say that all this hatred, insatiable greed and thirst for power can be attributed to the deepest fears of helplessness of the 18% and the 1% of the 18%? This is the most reasonable explanation that I have found. uvée.

How else can our incredibly inflated military budget be explained? The 2020 military budget was $ 778 billion, more than the next eleven countries combined, which stands at $ 761 billion. After the United States, China spent only $ 261 billion, and Russia’s budget was $ 65 billion. This is our taxpayers’ money we are talking about – why the hell do we not cry murder?

Clearly, as Congress recently debated Biden’s vast social safety net, a $ 3.5 trillion package, Republicans masquerading as Democrats were able to halve the package. According to Forbes magazine, the benefits lost to the average American are staggering: paid family leave has been completely abolished (the United States is the only industrialized country in the world to offer none); two years of free community college; Medicare’s ability to negotiate drug prices with drug companies; adding dental and vision care to Medicare; extend the Child Tax Credit, Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act – all gone.

And in the process of this budget shitshow, nobody but nobody mentioned the elephant in the play: our extravagant and insanely excessive military budget. How many times do we need to be able to exterminate the world? Can we imagine what life would be like in the United States if the hundreds of billions of military bloating each year were instead applied to medical care, eye and dental care, free child care, affordable housing and health care? free college for students from low income families, housing for the homeless, parental / family leave and aggressive air conditioning? It is breathtaking.

But here we sit. Somewhat stunned and complacent. Shrugging and tsk-tsking about this miserable state of affairs. But we have a choice, my friends, and that is to get rid of our comfortable calves and take action to demand that our needs be met now. First of all, we have to remember that we are the 99% and mobilize our efforts in any way they can be applied, and there are many! It will take a lot of effort, but let’s stand up and exercise our rights. Stop electing politicians who offer nothing more than a comfortable status quo for themselves. Let’s take to the streets and flood the legislative chambers. We can do it!

I would like to apply Ben Franklin’s premonitory wisdom to our global climate crisis, which already threatens life on earth as we know it: “We all have to stick together, or most certainly we will all be hanging apart.” It’s yours. It’s up to me. It depends on each of us. What will we choose?

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