Pandora newspapers have denounced the corrupt system that allows the rich around the world to avoid paying taxes

The Pandora Papers are the result of a massive data breach that unmasks the underground shell games and tax evasion schemes of the world’s ultra-rich, those with $ 30 million or more.

It is the result of the “greatest journalistic collaboration ever” involving six hundred journalists from one hundred and seventeen countries and coordinated by the ICIJ. Two of the media partners of the collaboration were the Washington post and the Guardian – and it is worth looking at the rich amount of reports, especially the Guardian. By the way, my role was to brief foreign journalists prior to publication to understand America’s hidden wealth system.

Pandora is a bigger leak than the Panama Papers, which was hijacked data from just one Panamanian law firm, Mossack Fonseca. The Pandora leaks come from the confidential files of fourteen different offshore wealth management service companies in Switzerland, Singapore, Cyprus, Samoa, Vietnam, Hong Kong, as well as companies in well-known tax havens such than Belize, Seychelles, Bahamas and the British. Virgin Islands.

These businesses help high net worth individuals and businesses create trusts, foundations, incorporated companies, and other entities in low and no tax jurisdictions. Some big names involved in the leaks were King Abdullah II of Jordan, American billionaire Robert Smith, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Shakira.

The Pandora Papers analyzed nearly 12 million files from these companies, including leaked emails, memos, tax returns, bank statements, passport scans, corporate structure diagrams, secret spreadsheets and underground real estate contracts. Some are revealing for the first time the true owners of blackout shell companies. This data will produce revelations for weeks and months to come.

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