Party Secretary outlines his vision for the city’s future

The 12th Congress of the Communist Party of China in Shanghai opens today.

Shanghai will accelerate the development of a socialist and modern international metropolis with global influence in the next five years, the city’s Party Secretary Li Qiang said today at the opening ceremony of the 12th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party in Shanghai.

The congress, which takes place once every five years, reviews Shanghai’s progress over the past five years and will propose agreements on the city’s goals and visions for the next five years. Representatives, selected from across the city, to the congress will also elect deputies to later attend the 20th CPC National Congress in Beijing.

Li said in a report that the CPC Shanghai Committee aims to improve Shanghai’s international influence over the next five years, including its economic aggregate, scientific and technological innovation capability, functions as a global center for economy, finance, trade, shipping and innovation, soft power influence and international communication capability.

“After five years, we want to make Shanghai more involved in the global economy, with more Shanghai indices reflecting global market trends, more Shanghai standards adopted as preferences for international rule-making, and more Shanghai’s innovations and brands becoming world-renowned names,” he said.

He said the city aims to make the city more “people-oriented” and involve people more in the legislative process to improve social governance, people’s livelihoods, balanced development between urban and rural areas. , as well as harmonious development between human beings and nature. .

He also said that the city will try to improve its public services and open up to attract more talents from all over the world to create a place where people can achieve their dreams, show their talents, have their individuality and s inspire creativity.

Party Secretary outlines his vision for the city's future

The 12th Congress of the Communist Party of China in Shanghai

“To achieve these visions, we need to promote high-quality development, high-quality livelihoods and high-efficiency governance,” Li said.

Li said Shanghai aims to realize its vision of a socialist and modern international metropolis with global influence mostly realized by 2035 and fully realized by mid-century.

He said Shanghai should implement key national strategies to further facilitate reform and opening up, and build a modern economic structure to promote high-quality economic development and improve its economic competitiveness, creativity and risk resilience. .

He explained that the city will move forward to strengthen its ability to allocate global resources, becoming a resource allocation center that connects, trades with and serves the world. It will strengthen its strength in scientific and technological innovation to promote basic and original research as well as the connection between industrial chains and innovation chains.

The city will intensify its showcase function on China’s opening-up policy. It will build a global shipping and aviation hub with high-end aviation services and industry clusters, as well as a digital capital with global influence, Li said.

It said it will continue to optimize its industrial structure and promote the development of integration between the manufacturing and service sectors, the coordination of industry digitization and digital industrialization, and the coherence of the industrial Internet and the consumer Internet.

He said he will continue to promote innovation-oriented, service-oriented, open-minded, headquarter and flow-oriented kinds of economic sectors, as well as Shanghai’s reputation in service, manufacturing, procurement and Culture.

Li stressed the importance of building key nodes in domestic market circulation and dual circulation in domestic and international markets. It will take full advantage of Shanghai’s advantages in location and market scale to attract high-quality products and technologies from around the world and better connect with global economic networks.

To improve the quality of people’s livelihood, the city should leave the best resources and provide the best services to the people, he said.

“We must let children grow and flourish, young people achieve their dreams and seniors enjoy life,” he said. “We should enable people to lead healthy lives and move the whole society forward towards common prosperity.”

He also underlined the importance of promoting a balanced and quality basic education, a high-level college education and a diversified vocational training.

While calling for improving employment services to broaden career paths for young people, Li also stressed the need to encourage young people to participate in urban governance, community services and called for efforts to help young people with marriage and child custody issues.

He said the city needs to improve the coordination of integrated medical and health care for seniors in homes, communities and nursing homes and more services, such as learning new skills, so that seniors can enjoy a colorful life.

Li also said Shanghai should improve its public health system to enhance its emergency management and medical treatment capabilities.

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