Pune police arrest NCP workers for staging protest

NCP workers were arrested by Pune police on Saturday for protesting against rising LPG prices. The NCP workers did not limit their protest against the rising LPG prices to Pune only, but also went to Mumbai. An NCP employee said the price of the bottles had increased by Rs. 25 and it was around Rs 324 under United Progressive Alliance (UPA), but it reached Rs 900 in just seven years.

Why has the price of LPG increased over the past seven years?

In March 2014, the LPG refill cost only Rs. 410.50, but now it costs Rs. 834.50 which has almost doubled. He directly jumped on the Rs 125 per cylinder increase over the past 32 days which has led to a strained household budget. The rise in LPG prices has taken place due to the international benchmark rate of LPG and the exchange rate of the dollar and the rupee. However, oil marketing companies recorded a drop in the price of commercial LPG cylinders by more than Rs. 100 on June 1.

How many times has the price of LPG increased in 2021?

In 2021, LPG prices were increased in February and March, but in April the bottle price was reduced by 10 rupees. In Delhi, the price of LPG was Rs. 694 at the very start of 2021, but it jumped straight to Rs. 719 in February. Additionally, this led to Rs. 769 on February 15, followed by Rs. 819 per cylinder in March. And finally, current LPG prices have led to Rs. 819.

Further increase in fuel prices

Not only the increase in the price of LPG, but India has also recorded other increases in the price of fuel. The prices of gasoline and diesel also hit the sky, i.e. Rs. 104.9 and Rs. 96.72 respectively in Mumbai. In Kolkata, gasoline prices are Rs. 98.64 and diesel prices are Rs. 92.03. Likewise, Brent crude oil is also trading at US $ 74.69 from $ 70.65 on June 1. One of the reasons for the continued rise in fuel prices is central and state taxes.

(Image: ANI)

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