Qnext Corp. and NEC Platforms enter into a strategic partnership with the integration of the world’s first Zero Trust data access and sharing platform

—FileFlex® Enterprise is part of business, hospitality, manufacturing and education solutions—

TORONTO, May 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – As part of a global partnership that will transform the remote workplace safety landscape, Qnext Corp. announced today that it has teamed up with NEC platforms, the leading provider and integrator of advanced IT, communications and networking solutions. Partnership enables NEC to integrate FileFlex from Qnext® Enterprise (“FileFlex”) in its software suite of business, manufacturing, education and hospitality solutions being deployed in tens of thousands of stores, restaurants, factories, schools and small businesses across Japan . FileFlex is the world’s leading zero trust data access and content sharing platform for remote users. NEC has just launched the software suite and it is now on the market.

Growing global movement towards untrustworthy data access
Commenting on his global partnership with NEC Platforms, Anthony DeCristofaro, President and CEO of Qnext, said: “This is the start of a growing global movement towards untrustworthy data access with its enhanced cybersecurity implications. in many large-scale enterprise applications. We look forward to a strong and productive relationship with NEC Platforms, and we are proud to be part of its long experience in innovative technology platforms. NEC Platforms works alongside us to create a solution that delivers real value and contributes to the security of the new remote desktop economy. “

“NEC Platforms is committed to helping businesses meet the demands of today’s remote workforce,” said Michiya Iwabuchi, general manager of the NEC Platforms Retail Solution division. “The many remote users of our various NEC Platforms applications need to access and share content without compromising the business. They can now take advantage of the zero-trust cybersecurity data access technology model that underpins the FileFlex Enterprise platform. He adds, “This brings a new level of operational productivity and means our NEC platform users have the ability to access their data from anywhere on any device without any compromise in terms of security.”

Advanced level of safety for the global and diverse off-site workforce
NEC Platforms will use FileFlex Enterprise to provide an advanced level of security for training hospitality workers as they can be offsite and use secure read-only videos using their smartphones. At the operations level, that means they securely submit and read reports from anywhere on any device – without worrying about others making changes or leaking data.

FileFlex Enterprise is the ideal remote solution for reporting, streaming video for training, and accessing confidential business files. Proprietary information such as recipes, for example, can be browsed and viewed without being downloaded, eliminating menu theft.

NEC Platforms also integrates FileFlex Enterprise into its other solutions, such as logistics, office work, education and manufacturing. Securing data access using FileFlex Enterprise’s trustless data access technology is vital as it enables users to access data anytime, anywhere, indoors or outdoors. outside the company. It prevents unauthorized removal of materials by providing granular access control and allows users to securely access files from various devices from any location. FileFlex Enterprise enables NEC Platforms customers to start sharing files from a trustless data access platform at a low cost.

NEC Platforms has achieved innovations in advanced ICT technologies over more than a century and has since provided extensive ICT platforms ranging from hardware equipment development and manufacture, IT integration and from the network to the creation of new solutions using IoT and AI. These solutions drive business growth by improving the user experience, enhancing operational excellence, and extending security and privacy.

About Qnext Corp.
Qnext Corp. (“Qnext”) is the award-winning innovation company behind the industry’s first Zero Trust Data Sharing and Access (ZTDA) platform for the global and diverse remote workforce of today. FileFlex Enterprise has created a new enterprise-wide technology service that unifies access, security and governance of data storage across multiple environments using a zero-trust architecture designed to support hybrid-IT business infrastructure today. Qnext’s Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA) platform also integrates with Intel SGX secure enclave technology. Qnext has started building a global distribution network of security-focused partners and is a technology partner with NEC Platforms, Microsoft, Intel, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). At Qnext, disruptive products are passion, demonstrated in the details. For more information visit https://fileflex.com/.

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