Rahul Gandhi criticizes center for rising fuel prices as gasoline climbs to Rs 90.99 / lt in Delhi

As fuel prices rise again across India, former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi taunted the Center on the rise in fuel prices on Thursday by tweeting ‘The polls are over, the loot begins’ ‘. According to today’s prices, petrol costs Rs 90.99 per liter and diesel costs Rs 81.42 per liter in Delhi. In other states the prices of gasoline and diesel per liter are – Rs 97.34 and Rs 88.49 in Mumbai, Rs 92.90 and Rs 86.35 in Chennai and Rs 91.14 and Rs 84.26 in Kolkata

Rahul Gandhi: “The polls are over, the loot begins”

After an 18-day hiatus, gasoline prices rose 15 paise a liter and diesel by 18 paise on Tuesday as public fuel retailers began to pass increased international oil prices on to consumers. Gasoline now costs Rs 90.55 per liter in Delhi, compared to Rs 90.40, according to a price notification from state-owned fuel retailers. A liter of diesel costs Rs 80.91, compared to Rs 80.73 previously.

Oil companies, which have resorted in recent months to an unexplained rate revision freeze, had pressed a pause button after lowering prices slightly on April 15. It coincided with the peak of elections to elect new governments in five states, including West Bengal. As soon as the vote was over, oil companies signaled an imminent increase in retail prices due to firming trends in international oil markets. Despite concerns about increasing COVID-19 cases in India weighing on demand, crude oil prices in the international market have risen mainly due to the strong recovery in US demand and the weak dollar.

During his campaign in Tamil Nadu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the middle class would not have been overwhelmed if previous governments had focused on the country’s energy dependence. PM also informed that India imported more than 85% of its oil needs in fiscal year 2019-20 and almost 53% of its gas needs. Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan had told parliament the government was not considering cutting excise duties to cool rates from record levels. Central and state taxes account for over 61 percent of the retail price of gasoline and about 56 percent of diesel.

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