Semiconductor industry looking for new graduates

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A job seeker checks out opportunities at a job fair in Shanghai.

Compared to other industries, employers in semiconductors and integrated circuits are more interested in recent graduates and are more willing to develop talent from an early age.

Latest data from Leipin, a Chinese online recruitment institution, shows that from July to September, new vacancies for fresh graduates released by the electronic technology, semiconductor and integrated circuit industries accounted for 11.7 % in total in the third quarter.

At the same time, the New Energy Vehicles, Heavy Industry, Industrial Automation and Power sectors also saw an increase in demand for new graduates, with the percentages increasing by 2.1% respectively. .8, 1.6 and 1.4.

However, some sectors have shown a negative attitude towards the recruitment of graduates, such as real estate, construction as well as the Internet due to the decrease in positions.

From another perspective, the report also shows that Shanghai has become the most welcoming city in China for graduates this year, as it has created the most jobs.

It was followed by Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Guangzhou.

Shanghai has issued many policies and measures to attract domestic and foreign talent.

In this month of June, the city launched a new policy, facilitating the installation of graduates.

According to the new policies, postgraduate students from universities or research institutes in Shanghai who are not locals but intend to stay in Shanghai can apply for hukouor household register, upon graduation.

Undergraduate students from local universities enrolled in national development programs of world-class universities or world-class disciplines can also directly apply for permanent resident status in Shanghai if they have found employment in the “five new cities” of Shanghai and in key processing areas in the south and northern extremities of the city.

Also, graduates from top universities around the world can apply to Shanghai. hukou immediately if they get a full-time job in the city, the Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau announced in June.

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