The CAPT extends the 30-day period for the study of offers – ARAB TIMES


KUWAIT CITY, November 6: The Central Public Procurement Agency (CAPT) has extended the bid review period by 30 days for the Ministry of Finance to supply, install and operate the Integrated Tax Management System (ITMS), reports daily Al-Anba citing sources. According to some sources, the agency has asked the ministry to push applicants to complete the required documents, saying that seven local companies have submitted their bids for the project which will be awarded to the winner after obtaining approval from regulatory authorities.

Sources revealed that the ministry intended to introduce the advanced tax system in the country; as the successful bidder is expected to have experience in developing and installing an integrated tax management system in other countries, in addition to consultants with relevant development and implementation experience. Sources added that the ministry is looking for a tax system that is widely applied and known around the world and that has proven to be technically efficient. Sources have also pointed out that no program or system developed and built in-house will be accepted. Sources explained that the integrated tax system will depend on expertise from abroad, as this project is the first of its kind in the country. Sources pointed out that the current tax expertise in Kuwait is very poor, so the most suitable option now is outsourcing.


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