The public laughed at George W Bush’s Iraq-Ukraine gaffe. i’m not laughing | Arwa Mahdawi

George Bush accidentally confessed to being a war criminal

It was a Freudian slip for the ages: During a speech in Dallas this week, former President George W Bush condemned “one man’s decision to launch a totally unwarranted and brutal invasion of Iraq.” Whoops ! “I mean from Ukraine,” he added a second later, as laughter echoed through the room. Isn’t it funny that a former president accidentally confesses to war crimes? Ha! Ha! Ha!

Tell you what, I’m not laughing. Many Arabs either. I don’t think it’s possible to overstate the depravity and horror of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Iraqi prisoners of war – many of whom were innocent people arrested by mistake – were brutally tortured by the American and British troops. Hundreds of thousands of civilians died. The whole country was left in ruins. And the suffering continued long after the departure of the occupying forces. The US military’s frequent use of munitions containing depleted uranium in Iraq, as well as military equipment abandoned by troops, has poisoned the environment and the population. Even now babies are being born with severe birth defects from the invasion. “Doctors routinely come across abnormalities in babies that are so horrific they can’t even find precedents for them,” said the lead researcher of a 2019 study. “The war has spread so much radiation here that, unless it is cleaned up, generations of Iraqis will continue to be affected.” So yeah, sorry if I don’t find Bush’s slip-up particularly funny.

You know what’s even less funny? The fact that there was no accountability for any of the architects of the war in Iraq. Of course, some servicemen have been found guilty of crimes related to the torture of Abu Ghraib prisoners, but those really responsible have suffered no consequences. Bush himself has seen his reputation whitewashed in recent years; he transformed into a cuddly grandfather figure who paints and pontificates on “unity”. As for his coterie of facilitators, most of them have held high-paying jobs and prestigious positions.

Before anyone starts making excuses for the architects of the war in Iraq (“how could they have known that?”), let me remind you that it was clear from the start that the war – and the flimsy weapon of mass destruction excuse used to justify it – was a sham. In February 2003, millions of people, including myself, in at least 650 cities around the world took to the streets to protest the US-led invasion of Iraq. It was the largest one-day global protest in history. Ordinary people could see that the war was immoral and probably illegal – and yet there is a concerted effort in some quarters to rewrite the war as a deeply regrettable error in judgment that no one at the time could really have expected. to be right.

Here’s a quick thought experiment for you: imagine it’s the year 2042 and Vladimir Putin has transformed from a war criminal into a cuddly grandfather who paints at his age. Imagine he makes a mistake while giving a speech and talks about the totally unwarranted and brutal invasion of Ukraine. Imagine everyone in the room laughing. That wouldn’t be terribly funny, would it? In fact, the idea that a guy like Putin could face zero liability and spend his old age giving speeches instead of serving time for war crimes would be horrifying. And here’s another question for anyone who thinks a comparison between Bush and Putin is unfair: ask yourself why you think it is? Ask yourself why the war in Iraq is more justifiable than the war in Ukraine? Is it because deep down you have been taught to think that Arab lives don’t matter?

Elon Musk jokes about his penis after being accused of sexual harassment

The billionaire was recently accused of exposing his erect penis to a flight attendant in a private jet and offering to buy her a horse if she performed an erotic massage. Although Musk denied the claims, it was reported that his company SpaceX paid the attendant $250,000 as part of a dismissal settlement. Musk reacted to the accusations with his characteristic immaturity and begged everyone to describe the scandal as “Elongate.” He also challenged his accuser to describe his penis in detail. Like everything else in life, sexual misconduct seems like a big joke to Musk.

British MP arrested on suspicion of rape

He has yet to be named, but it appears an alleged offense relates to someone under the age of 18. Tory MP Michael Fabricator responded to the news with a tweet that appeared to be joking about the rape. Maker and Musk should have a little meeting. They both seem to find aggression very amusing.

Virginia lawyer files restraining order against Barnes & Noble for selling books like ‘Gender Queer’

There is an unprecedented wave of book banning efforts in the United States. Until now, the main battleground has been schools and libraries, but now the right is thinking even bigger: A right-wing Virginia lawyer has sued a Barnes & Noble store in Virginia Beach for stocking books containing LGBT content. We live in very dark times.

Oklahoma passes nation’s toughest abortion ban

Oklahoma’s bill “isn’t one more ban, it’s not another ban — it’s a first,” said a Planned Parenthood executive. The law “encourages bounty hunters to sue their neighbors” and is a “reversal of history unfolding before our eyes”.

El Salvador’s Imprisoned Women Offer US Glimpse of Post-Roe Future

A 33-year-old woman who suffered a medical emergency while pregnant has been released after serving a decade in prison for attempted murder. She is the 65th woman to be freed after being jailed for murder following a miscarriage or medical emergency since El Salvador passed a total ban on abortion in 1998.

U.S. women’s and men’s soccer teams reach historic World Cup salary deal

The shares of ticket sales will now also be equal, as will the win bonuses. Good news at last !

Japanese university ordered to compensate 13 women after exam discrimination

In 2018, it was revealed that Juntendo University Medical School was making it harder for women to pass entrance exams as they wanted to keep women in the student body at around 30%. Today the university was ordered to compensate 13 women for gender discrimination.

I regret to inform you that Jeff Bezos tweets about his ass

As Mashable notes: “The second richest individual in the world appears to be emulating the cheap Twitter antics of the world’s richest, Elon Musk.” Just what everyone needs.

The week in intrigue-triarchy

In 2011, romance novelist Nancy Crampton Brophy wrote a blog post titled “How to Murder Your Husband”. You must “be organized, ruthless and very smart,” she advised. Seven years later, Brophy’s husband was shot dead in his home, and now the novelist, who got his life insurance policies back, is on trial for her murder. Did she? Who knows. But we know she definitely doesn’t want to go to jail. “Let me state plainly for the record,” she wrote in this 2011 blog post, “I don’t like jumpsuits and orange isn’t my color.”

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