UK Charity Commission Congratulates Pastor Chris’ Embassy of Christ for Solving Financial Problems

The Charity Commission in the UK recently completed its review of the popular Christ Embassy Evangelical Church led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, concluding that the organization has significantly improved its financial governance and oversight.

The UK Charity Commission has released its final report detailing the six-year investigation into the financial management of Embassy of christ, a religious organization founded and led by the charismatic Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. In its report, the commission said religious charity had made significant progress and commended the church for its commitment to improve its management through the appointment of a new board of directors.

UK Charity Commission investigation

Christ Embassy is an international evangelical Christian organization based in Nigeria which currently operates 90 churches and provides religious services to a over five thousand worshipers in the UK.

The church was reported by the UK Charity Commission for consideration after a number of concerns were expressed regarding the use of charitable funds. The survey focused on Christ Embassy’s accounts during the period 2009 to 2011. This was a series of grants that Christ Embassy has awarded to its partner organizations and board decision-making processes. administration of the charity.

The Charity Commission has launched a comprehensive investigation into the financial transactions of the church with the aim of improving and strengthening the administration and management of Christ Embassy. Throughout the investigation, the Commission reported that officials at the Embassy of Christ were open and cooperative with members of the Commission.

Christ Embassy improves governance and administration

The commission’s investigation called on the charity to improve its use of formal contracts, proper record keeping and better manage conflicts of interest within the charity.

To better assist Christ Embassy in resolving any financial issues that put the organization and its assets at risk, the Charity Commission has appointed an interim lead to help the organization comply with its grantmaking policy and institute proper registration. of decision-making by the directors. The Interim Manager conducted a comprehensive review of the governance and infrastructure of the charity and its operations.

In response, Embassy of Christ embarked on a series of corrective measures to regularize its governance to ensure that it was fit for purpose. These actions included the establishment of a central and accurate register of properties and assets, the introduction and implementation of financial controls, the regularization of management, the performance of health and safety audits and fire risk assessments, as well as the recruitment and training of a new board of directors to oversee charitable administration and financial management. .

The Charity Commission determined that Christ Embassy has made significant progress in its internal reforms and approved the discharge of the Acting Director of his duties on April 12, 2016.

Commission welcomes significant progress of Christ Embassy

Christ Embassy’s appointment of a new Board of Directors and its new commitment to compliance were welcomed by the Commission. “I am delighted that these issues have been resolved and that the new board has made a clear commitment to moving the association forward in a responsible manner,” said Amy, head of the Charity Commission investigative team.

“Those who run a charity should always be guided by their charitable purpose. Trustees have an important responsibility to ensure that they are acting in the best interests of their charity at all times and to ensure that their charity’s assets are protected. Our governance advice is here to help Trustees make sure they’re doing just that. “

According to the report, convinced that the new board of directors had taken control of the charity’s assets, the commission lifted the order to freeze the accounts that had been reviewed. The interim manager also settled the penalties related to late tax returns to HM Revenue and Customs.

Moving forward

Christ Embassy has demonstrated its commitment to solving its governance issues and improving oversight and control of the charity. Christ Embassy and its Senior Pastor, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, expressed their gratitude to the Commission and their congregation for the satisfactory resolution of this investigation and the issues that have dismissed it.

Spiller reiterated in his announcement, “Charities are trusted in a unique way, and people often trust religious charities a lot. It is therefore essential that directors, especially those with large numbers of followers, do everything possible to instill public confidence, so that they can help maintain public confidence in charities. “

Christ Embassy and Pastor Christ Oyakhilome are committed to acting only in the best interests of their congregation and in accordance with regulations set by the UK Charity Commission. The church is happy to have solved its problems satisfactorily and positively.

Once the investigation is completed, Christ Embassy is expected to continue growing in the UK. Recently, Christ Embassy hosted a sold-out hall World Conference on Evangelism in London which brought hundreds of thousands of church members from around the world to the UK for the event.

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