UK households face steep rise in energy prices

UK households face much higher electricity prices due to the energy crisis, UK media reports, as the government prepares to adjust a cap on utility bills in April this year.

“This year is going to be a very difficult year for a lot of people. The energy price crisis requires substantial government intervention, ”said Martin Lewis, founder of the Money Saving Expert free advice website, as quoted by iNews.

“We’re going to see at least a 50% increase in energy prices in the system and that’s not sustainable for many,” Lewis also said.

According to another report in The Guardian, some six million UK homes may not be able to pay the higher energy bills expected from April, unless the government steps in, according to an agency. charity.

At the start of 2021, four million households were living in fuel poverty, the National Energy Action charity said. This number will increase by an additional two million if the ceiling of the energy bill is adjusted according to the evolution of market prices.

“Those with the lowest incomes and less efficient homes will not only face financial hardship, but intolerable living conditions, poor health and, for too many of them, shortened lives.” said National Energy Action chief executive Adam Scorer. “It’s not just guesswork. It will happen and we have had enough time to see it come and act.

UK Shadow Climate Change and Net Zero Secretary Ed Milliband said, quoted by The Guardian, “Workers hit by cost of living crisis that has seen energy bills go up. skyrocketing, food costs go up and the budget tight. The government must take urgent action to support those struggling to pay their bills. “

The Financial Times reported last month that the country’s energy regulator Ofgem was looking for ways to spread the additional load, weighed down by the collapse of a number of electricity distributors, more evenly across a longer period.

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